You may run into a situation where a Prism Central task becomes hung and is not, or will not progress. Thankfully there's a simple fix for that using cli.

  1. Connect to your Prism Central VM, and execute the following ecli task command:
nutanix@PCVM:~$ ecli task.list include_completed=false
Task UUID                             Parent Task UUID                      Component   Sequence-id  Type                  Status    
16de009e-adee-413a-b806-6765f8364495  5738d23b-71e2-4485-66bb-e88ff173a96e  Catalog     28880        kFileCheckout         kQueued   
5738d23b-71e2-4485-66bb-e88ff173a96e  b3756cd6-ff69-40d0-8e80-ab7e8c9eb24d  Catalog     28879        kImageCheckout        kRunning  
b3756cd6-ff69-40d0-8e80-ab7e8c9eb24d                                        metropolis  69           ProcessVmChange       kRunning  
c80d52d1-f76b-41fa-bf0f-7c0f1bda74c3                                        aplos       246          create_vm_intentful   kRunning  
26359a1c-1774-4b05-b173-1f3353a97623  7101a067-6ac1-4153-9c92-44c9031b4d20  Catalog     28878        kFileCheckout         kQueued   
107ab8e8-1a2e-4a19-817a-402c54c45aa5  7101a067-6ac1-4153-9c92-44c9031b4d20  Catalog     28877        kFileCheckout         kQueued   
627770fb-4bf6-4fe2-aa4d-397f141c1590  7101a067-6ac1-4153-9c92-44c9031b4d20  Catalog     28876        kFileCheckout         kRunning  
7101a067-6ac1-4153-9c92-44c9031b4d20                                        Catalog     28875        kCatalogItemCheckout  kRunning  

2. Update the status of the task by using the identified UUID. You may also update the task status to succeeded if desirable.

nutanix@PCVM:~$ ergon_update_task --task_uuid='<Task UUID>' --task_status=aborted 

This should update the task status in the prism UI showing the correct status.